Suddenly everybody wants to be Scottish! This was my feeling after seeing Pixar’s new animated film Brave with my love ones. After watching the film, I was suddenly inspired with a new idea on party styles, and it is all about being Scottish. I began to create plans to hold a Brave party for my children and I want to create it with a Scottish theme.

To do this I began to research on what to prepare to make a Scottish party. According to my research, I found out that unknown to many, Scottish food is not that bad at all (lol!) Though many think that the only food in Scotland is haggis and boiled oatmeal, but one will be surprised on the many delicious Scottish foods. I was surprised to see many fun ideas for a Scottish themed party, these are some of the ideas I have researched.

Scottish Steaks and Barbeques

The all time favorite steak barbeque is also a Scott’s mainstay, however their tradition is to add a rich broth. Scottish broth tends to have potatoes and carrots every time, all you need to do is have a grill party, have your steaks rubbed with salt and pepper and even with chili powder (especially if you and your family is into “spicy” food).
Grill the meat to perfection and serve it with a bowl full of hot, flavorful Scottish style broth. Anyone will feel the Scottish airs humming in a distance when you start sipping a bowl full of Scottish broth.

Another remarkable Scottish recipe which can be perfect for your Scottish party is the ever favorite roast. Scots tend to roast beef, venison (deer meat), and grouse (a type of fowl, similar to the prairie chicken). A good roasted beef will surely be a fun main treat in a party, add a little boiled vegetable and you will have a Scottish buffet fit for a Scottish Warrior!

Scottish Dessert

When preparing for a good Brave Scottish party, Dessert is a must and important. There are many desserts which are Scottish favorites, and one of them is the very popular Pancake, but with a little Scottish twist. You can make pancakes mixed with strawberries or a more Scottish taste with raspberries, blackberries or a combination or even chocolate chips and more, use your imagination and make that plain pancake burst out into a myriad of recipes.

Scottish desserts are come in the ever popular Scottish Cranachan, which is basically, cream, honey, and fruits such as raspberry or strawberries to appeal to kids tastes. To make it more lovable to kids, I would add ice cream to the mix and make it a super Scottish Cranachan with ice cream and have a blast.

Scottish Drinks

There are many Scottish drinks available, but if you are planning to hold a party for kids, it is best to try fruit juices or fruit punches without the alcohol of course. Rather than bombarding your kids with unhealthy soft drinks, make your kids enjoy a fun and healthy party. If you want to truly and strictly maintain a Scottish themed party you can make strawberry juice, or the all time favorite lemonade, also you can whip up orange juice and many more.

So there are many Scottish food that are not that quite strange, I am not saying that the dreaded “Haggis” is not tasty, actually it really tastes good, it is only psychological. If you don’t know its haggis, it’s a sure bet you’ll enjoy it.

Check out some more Brave party ideas you can whip up for your inspired Scottish banquet. It will surely make your party goers wear tartan clothes, kilts, and do archery and play bagpipes, so be ready for it :-)